Our hospital is renowned in advances in digestive diseases. We have gained a reputation for treating complex gastrointestinal tracts. This ensures superior clinical outcomes and comprehensive services for patients.


Eye care services are becoming more important in our Indian population. Eye diseases can be successfully treated and can be managed with existing medicines and treatments.


In Navjeevan hospital, we have a urology department that helps in the diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract infections of males and females.


Our neurosurgeons are not only brain surgeons but they are trained specialists who help in patients suffering from back and neck pain, illness ranging from trigeminal neuralgia, and Parkinson disorder. It is a specialty that diagnosis and treats patients having the disease of the brain, spinal cord, spinal column, and peripheral nerves.


Our neuro physicians are experts in curing neurological disorders with the help of medicine and non-surgical interventions. They can treat dementia, epilepsy, stroke, neuromuscular pain, and meningitis.


Our hospital has pathological labs that help in the examination of bodily fluids, tissues, organs, and autopsies.


Physiotherapist helps in restoring, maximizing, and maintaining physical strength. Our physiotherapists are skilled at determining the root cause of injury and treats them really well. Physiotherapy is often recommended after injury or surgery.


We here deal with mental suffering related to disorder and improvement of mental well-being. Treatment is often done with medicines or psychotherapy.

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